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Quality Water Purifier

It is necessary to be sure of the quality of the water you are drinking. Using the best water purifier is an intelligent move towards prevention of water borne diseases like jaundice, cholera, typhoid etc. Thus giving your family not just pure, but healthy water.


Service and maintanence

Our teams work with you to develop cost-effective maintenance services, backed by industry-leading performance guarantees and turn-times.


Original Parts

It removes suspended impurities in water like sand, dirt,silt providing first line of protection for the whole system.

It removes micro – biological impurities such as gems, micro- organisms, bacteria & Viruses and reduces turbidity.

Maintains essential minerals while reducing dissolved impurities with double purification making PROPURE the best RO water purifier
RO + UF + UV + TDS Control

The water coming out of the tap can contain rust, bacteria, cysts, sand and many a times even chemicals and dissolved salts that can only be eliminated by propure water purifier.

Besides bacteria & virus, water from bore-well can harbor some of the deadliest known chemicals & metals like Fluoride, Arsenic, lead & many dissolved salts. With a water filter that is powered with Propure technology, you can turn bore-well water into pure drinking water.

Depending upon the source, the water from over-head tank can be highly contaminated with heavy metals, chemicals and biological impurities. Thus, it is essential to use propure water purifier at home.

Use Propure purifiers for 100% Safe, Healthy, Tasty and Pure Drinking Water at your home.

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